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Are you living in Australia and require a Canadian Criminal Record Check (sometimes called a "Police Check", depending on the country)? Get your Canadian Criminal Record Check using Canada's fastest, most reliable, RCMP accredited fingerprinting service. Our system is fully automated and gives you the ability to track your application process from start to finish in real time. We offer more affordable service and expedited shipping of your results to Australia.

Whether you live in a city like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, or a non-urban part of Australia, Gambit Fingerprinting is an internet connection away from helping you obtain a Canadian Criminal Record Check for immigration, employment, study, permanent residency, record suspension, and more.

Begin processing your RCMP accredited Canadian Criminal Record Check now by completing and submitting the simple, easy-to-follow form found below.

Service Price: $165 CAD plus tax (does not include $25 RCMP fee)

Why Our Canadian Criminal Record Check Service Is Better

Fully Automated

Our system automatically generates and sends notifications to you by email.

Faster by Design

Automation and smart software make quick work of the complete process.

Track Your Status

View your application's progress from start to finish in real time.

More Affordable

Our efficient and expedient process is easier on your wallet as a result.

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If you are living abroad and want to begin processing your Canadian Criminal Record Check immediately, please complete and submit the adjoining form to receive step-by-step instructions and all required documentation by email. As another option, using the subject line, International Fingerprinting Request, email us at international@gambitid.com, or call 1-888-850-2706.